Hello, I’m Nathan!

I work as a software engineer maintaining internal software written in JavaScript and PHP. For personal projects I enjoy writing code in Zig, Lua, C, and Python. I regularly contribute to open source. Outside of computery things I enjoy hiking, running, reading, and piano.

Below are things I have written and projects I have worked on.

# Projects

# Reckless Drivin

I’m working on a rewrite of the Macintosh game Reckless Drivin’. Jonas Echterhoff shared the original source code in 2019, and I have been working on my rewrite ever since. Despite starting with the original source code, the project has involved a lot of reversing to understand the binary format for the game assets. I occasionally write about what I have learned and share progress updates:

# zf

zf is a fuzzy finder that is optimized for filtering filepaths.

# Ziglua

Ziglua is an idiomatic Zig wrapper for Lua and Luau. Building something cool with Ziglua? Or want to get involved? Chat with us on Discord!

# Other projects

# Writing