# Now

Right now my big focus is working on my own personal text editor. It is very rough around the edges right now, but I have successfully edited a text file! I keep getting deeper and deeper into this project, so expect to hear more about this in the future. It has led me to learn about the internals of the macOS Objective-C runtime, Zig, Lua, and many other fun topics!

Here are a few other projects I am working on right now:

# zf

zf is a terminal fuzzy finder written in Zig. For a few years now I have tried to use fzf and fzy, but a few small annoyances were enough of an excuse to write my own! The fuzzy finder is minimalist compared to fzf, and has an algorithm optimized for matching filepaths.

I’m currently making zf even more powerful for path matching, and adding some new UI features.

# ziglua

Ziglua is a full wrapper around Lua 5.1 through 5.4 in Zig. It exposes the entire C API in idiomatic Zig. It is fully documented now and ready to use!

# Open Reckless Drivin'

A reimplementation a Macintosh game from the early 2000s by Jonas Echterhoff. I sometimes write about interesting things I learn related to this project on my blog.

Now that the Zig compiler bugs are resolved, I’ll be getting back to this project soon. My first goal is to remove SDL2 and use raylib for graphics so the game can be more easily statically linked. Raylib is also smaller and I’m interested in learning it.

# Past

These are things that I’m no longer actively focused on, but still update from time to time.

# Neovim Plugins

I maintain a couple of Neovim plugins. I don’t actually use the editor anymore, but I had the foresight to make the plugins simple enough that it really isn’t a maintenance burden to keep the repos up. I still get people starring them regularly, so I guess the plugins are a sort of success?

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