# Projects

# Open Reckless Drivin'

A reimplementation a Macintosh game from the early 2000s by Jonas Echterhoff. I sometimes write about interesting things I learn related to this project on my blog.

I have been working on this off-and-on since the summer of 2020, but I think I’m finally ready to pick things up again. Now that I have some experience with Zig I think I will begin reimplementing everything I’ve done up to this point in Zig as a way to get back into the project.

# zf

zf is a terminal fuzzy finder written in Zig. For a few years now I have tried to use fzf and fzy, but a few small annoyances were enough of an excuse to write my own! The fuzzy finder is minimalist compared to fzf, and has an algorithm that strongly prefers matches on filenames.

# Neovim plugins

I enjoy using neovim for most of my text editing. I am in the process of polishing two plugins at the moment: workspaces.nvim and sessions.nvim. There is no shortage of plugins for session and project management, but I found all of them a bit too opinionated for my liking.

Both workspaces.nvim and sessions.nvim are more framework than plugin. They provide nice APIs for interacting with a list of saved workspaces and session files respectively. Used together, hooks can be registered to automatically load and save sessions when opening a workspace.

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